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Band Contact - Michael Girardot

Management - Mark Heck




"A nerve-wracking amalgam of lo-fi, hysteria and high-flying histrionics, this prog-pop treat is sure to drive you batty… and straight to the dance floor."
Groovescapes 3.3.09 

“Big Rock's sound is defined by both by its sparkling, effervescent melodies and its raw rhythmic sensibility. They demonstrate their drama by whipping back and forth between frenetic, distorted charges and delicate, self-aware passages that aren't afraid to retreat a little. It is a pinpoint reflection of their New Orleans home town, a city that wears all of its colors on its sleeve, from vibrant highs to grittiest lows.”
–Brett Cooper, SomeAmerican.com - Washington D.C. and New Orleans Blog 

"Its like Queens of the Stoneage meets the Beach Boys with synthesizers." - Some girl.

"The opening number 'Rocketship' is pure sensory overload—chaotic, euphoric, overpowering and inescapable. The rest of the songs on Hey Kid are just as maddening. The hysterical opus, 'I Am the Storm,' swims through a sea of feedback and trippy art punk, while the pulsating distortion of 'Hey Kid Give Me Your Money' erupts into a vehement, overdriven freakout."
- Aaron Lafont, Offbeat Magazine

"Big Rock Candy Mountain will mix it up for you—give you a spin on life from a variety of gears, and ‘get you off’. They’ve got a contagious energy that permeates almost every bar of their musical profundity."
Southside Sanctuary 6.26.09 

"By turns celestial and intensely earthy, Big Rock Candy Mountain is a modern band with seemingly equal enthusiasm for classic rock and angular, post-Pavement flavors, with each tune on this saucy debut slapping these currents together with smashing results."
- Dennis Cook, Jambase 9/22/09

"Is it too early to call this the post Dirty Projectors era? If so, Big Rock Candy Mountain carries the curious dischording harmonies to its own world of alternating power riffs and introspective blank spaces. This is certainly not simple music."
IndieFeed 10/01/09 

"first off, they’re loud, but loud with a purpose. they’re not just wailing on guitars and hopefully making some kind of sense. they’re loud but the melodies remain fully intact. secondly, they were fun as hell."
Captains Dead Blog

"Their sound was sharp and concussive – more intense, focused and rambunctious that I ever would have predicted. Songs like “Rocket Ship” and “Lover” crammed the perverse delirium and glorious bombast of classic prog rock into the swirling spirals and sinuous pulse of choice new wave."
Groovescapes Oct '09

"Big Rock contrasts the gentle and rugged in persistent switches from quiet to forceful in titles like, “Rocketship” and “Bang Bang,” showcasing their sparkling melodies and a playful aggression." 
Ashcan Magazine 10/5/09